1st ICLS Japanese Language Speech Contest

13 May 2017

The 1st ICLS Japanese Language Speech Contest Finals, held at ICLS cafe on Saturday, 13 May 2017, was a great success.

This year a total of 14 contestants showcased a wide range of both informative and engaging speeches before a panel of judges, including some of ICLS' finest Japanese teachers as well as a guest judge, Ms Chieko Suda from Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute.

1. Lee Chit Seng

2. Yap Jin Rhu

3. Wong Pui Yee

4. Lee Sook Han

5. Soh Boon Khang

6. Henry Yap Wing Yew

7. Hayatul Saadiah Binti Zakaria

8. Alicia Tye Siew

9. Chew Ming Ann

10. Eumy Ong

11. Goh Yi Shen

12. Helena Wang Xinyue

13. Tam Wen Feng

14. Yong Soo Teng

We'd like to congratulate all of this year’s finalists and extend a warm thank you to the audience who ensured the success of this event!

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