Online English Class

16 May 2020

A class taught by native teachers with experience and qualifications!!
NEW Intake is OPEN for Registration!!

1) Features
- You can join the class wherever you are; as long as you have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device 
- Classes will be small, with a limit of around 2 - 5 participants 
- Focus on speaking and listening 

2) Who is this class suitable for? 
- People who can't fully understand or reply in English
- Those who have difficulty presenting work or proposals.
- Those who want to use English to discuss interesting topics
- People who want to gain confidence in speaking English

3) Course
Basic English for Conversation
The course will follow a range of conversation topics. Students will be encouraged to speak and will receive language guidance, grammar correction, and pronunciation advice from the teacher.
- What are the lesson schedules
Commencing date: 16th November 2020  (HURRY UP!!)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday / 1115~1245 (GMT+8)
- What will it cost?
4 week package RM540 = 12 lessons ( 1.5 hour/ per lesson)
Enrollment fee = RM50

Part-time English for Working Adults

This ICLS On-Line course is our premier part-time course for the learning of in-depth English skills. Students learn and practice the essential grammar of English, to use the language correctly in speaking and writing.  Specially adapted, the on-line course provides a blend of guided off-line preparation to complement the group class activity.

The course also provides students with language skills for the local and international work and is of enormous practical use to the working adult in an English-speaking workplace.

What are the lesson schedules
Level 1 - 16th November 2020 | Wednesday | 1900-2100  

What will it cost? 

10-week tuition package RM450 (Level 1) 
Enrollment fee = RM50

Textbooks (x2) RM140(Includes delivery by courier within Malaysia)
(Grammar text covers 4 levels; Skills text covers 2 levels)

All students are required to take an on-line placement test to check their current level of English, which should be of at least Elementary entry standard.



1) Features 
- You can join the class wherever you are; as long as you have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device 
- You can request what you want to focus on, such as conversation, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation correction.

Mon-Fri, 10:00-21:00 |  Sat, 10:00-16:00 
*Lesson schedules will be discussed and decided during the registration phase

3) What will it cost? 
Fee: RM95 =1 hour
Package(10+2 free lesson) 

RM950(1 hour x 12 times)
Enrollment fee = RM50


How do I pay? 
Please pay by transfer to Maybank 
Account Name: Inter-Cultural Language School 
Account No: 5140-8425-3483 
Once payment is made, please inform us, attaching a copy of the bank slip. 

Steps of Registration 
1) Complete the registration form
2) You will be notified when the class is confirmed, and proceed with the payment. 
* Group classes will only be opened with a minimum of 3
* Payment is only required after the schedule and teacher have been confirmed. 
* Lessons will be conducted using the Zoom meeting platform. 

See you soon!!!!

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