Mandarin Course


Features of our Mandarin Course:

v Mandarin is becoming the second international language used worldwide in the 21st century.
v We provide conversation classes and reading & writing comprehensive classes separately, to meet individual needs.
v We offer a small group courses (5 ~ 12 persons) to help participants advance their language competency efficiently with a view to success in today’s workplace.
v We have experienced native, and bilingual teachers  from China as well as locally licensed native Chinese speakers.



Our Programs:


1. Daytime Intensive Course for Conversation

as T Five days per week        
T Monday to Friday, 2 hours per day  
T Duration:  2.5 weeks

2. Part Time Courses        

as T Once or twice a week
T Weekday evening from 6:30pm onwards & Saturday between 11am to 4pm
T Duration for 5 weeks ~ 10 weeks per level


3. In House Training           

T Available as Private Lesson / Group lesson
T Schedules according to student’s / company requirements
T Normal or custom designed syllabus to suit individual or company needs


4. Private lessons 

T One to one lessons        
T Schedules depend on students' preference schedules       
T Normal or custom designed syllabus to suit individual needs