Korean Course


Features of our Korean Courses:

v We have full time, licensed, experienced native teachers from Korea.
v We are able to arrange preparation classes for the Korean international exam 'TOPIK' and we can help those students who are interested to participate in the Korean speech contest hosted annually by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Foundation.
v We offer various levels from beginner to advanced for group lessons, private lessons  and company in-house training.
v We use the “Direct Teaching Method” to encourage our students practice Korean during their classes. And we cover the 4 basic skills – reading, writing, listening & speaking.
v Our intensive course is the first in depth intensive Korean course in Malaysia.



Our Programs:


1. Daytime Intensive Course for Conversation

as Four days per week       
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 2 hours per day  
Duration:  24 days

2. Part Time Courses        

as Once or twice a week
Weekday evening from 7pm to 9pm & Saturday between 11am to 4pm
Duration for 5 weeks ~ 10 weeks per level


3. In House Training           

Available as Private Lesson / Company lesson
Schedules according to student’s / company requirements
Normal or custom designed syllabus to suit individual or company needs


4. Private lessons 

One to one lessons        
Schedules depend on students' preference schedules       
Normal or custom designed syllabus to suit individual needs