Features of Our English Course

Small size of classroom

To encourage students interact more with each others and recieved personal attention from teacher.

Qualified & Experienced Teachers

All our teachers are selected based on qualifications, experience and good English speaking accents (British, American English etc.)

Wide Range of Schedules

We offer a range of classes for beginner to advanced students;  from mid teens to working adults.

Tailor-made syllabus

Syllabus that allow student to achieve specific requiremet upon completed the level

Multinationalities Classmates

Foreign students from all across the world: Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia and Kazakhstan etc.



What you will required to do first, before joining the course?

Before the start of any ICLS English course, students must take a placement test to assess their existing language proficiency. The results will be used to place students in the correct course level. Full time course placements will include a short oral proficiency (speaking) test with and English teacher while for part-time courses an oral test may be requested by ICLS if required.

Daytime Intensive Course

1. ICLS Intensive (2.5 to 5 hours/day, Monday ̴ Friday, ICLS KL and ICLS Subang)

◊ Our intensive courses are suitable for motivated students wishing to make rapid progress.
◊ Morning classes (10AM - 12:30PM) have a leaning towards Grammar, while afternoon classes (1:30PM - 4PM) are centred more on listening, speaking and writing skills.
◊ Beginner courses commence several times per year - usually in January, April, July, and September.

2. ICLS Intensive English for Academic Purposes (ICLS KL and ICLS Subang schools, according to demand and is for 5 hours/day, Monday ̴ Friday)

◊ For students seeking admission to a college or university, or to achieve an IELTS score the ICLS English for Academic Purposes programme provides you with the English language and academic skills you need to accomplish your goal.

Part Time Courses

◊ The regular courses have recently been redesigned to match the needs of Malaysians and other living in Malaysia.  
◊ They are arranged in the evenings to suit students who are working or studying in the daytime.
◊ We also offer Business English, IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL Preparation and Pronunciation courses according to demand.
◊ Usually available from Beginner to intermediate, 8 - 10 levels lessons are scheduled once or twice a week on weekdays from 7pm to 9pm or on Saturdays between 11am to 4pm.


In-House Training for Companies, Training Centres and Associations

◊ ICLS is happy to provide consultation, design and on-site presentation of in-house language training, based on close collaboration with private schools. associations, and companies.
◊ Student profiles and company requirements are taken into account in order to optimise the value of the courses.

Private Lessons

◊ Working one-to-one with a student enables the teacher to identify and work on specific needs and problems.
◊ Regular private lessons can speed up the learning process. Pre-agreed texts or specially tailored materials may be used.
◊ Students get the maximum opportunity to speak, with close monitoring and correction from the teacher.
◊ Private tuition may focus on business English, IELTS preparation TOEIC/TOEFL etc.


ICLS Vacation Language Programmes (Summer Camps)

◊ These programmes are designed for students aged 13 to 18, who wish to study English while enjoying another country and culture.
◊ Programmes concentrate on understanding and speaking the language in practical situations.
◊ The courses provide 20 to 25 hours a week of tuition, focusing on essential language skills and building confidence by using English in everyday situations, by interacting with locals people and new international friends.



Level Day Time Duration Registration
Tuition fee Textbook


L1 ~ L3 Once a week 2 hours per session
(10 sessions per level)
3 months RM 50 RM 425 RM 100 (2 books)


RM 60 (1 book)
L4 ~ L6 RM 434
L7 ~ L9 RM 444
L10 ~ L12 RM 472