International Students


The Growing Country

A gateway to Southeast Asia - enables you to visit many places, while studying here

Kind & Hospitable People

Making it easy to polish your English language skills by striking up a conversation with a stranger

Value for Money

The tuition fees & living expenses are less expensive when compared with other metropolitan cities in the world

Foreign University Twinning Programme

Able to study for foreign degree qualifications from universities in Australia, US, UK, etc.



Dynamic City

Get access to one of the world’s most dynamic capitals while benefiting from an escape to tropical islands or virgin jungles!

Convenient Central Location

Situated in the busiest towns and dining district, place an emphasis on interaction with local people, made easy by our convenient central location

Charm of its People

Enjoy Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western cuisines all in one day by starting with nasi lemak for breakfast, then roasted duck with vermicelli for lunch, and, finally, for dinner some curry dish with tandoor roti. Although English will be your main focus, however, the first phrase you need to learn in Malay is, “Terima kasih,” or “Thank you.”