Further Study

Study in Japan

Japan is a country which made up of islands surrounded by seas and 75% of the land is mountainous. Their population is 4 times more than Malaysia while it's almost same land size as us. They have four seasons and are able to appreciate and enjoy beautiful natural surroundings. It has various kind of traditions and culture such as calligraphy, Kabuki, J-pop (animation, manga), and many of world heritage. This attracts many foreign visitors. People are welcome you and happy to help you. Would you like to stay in Japan?  We will help you for your further study in Japan.

Study in Korea

The Republic of Korea is located in south of the Korean Peninsula. The total land area is 1/3 of Malaysian land and 1.8 times more of Malaysian's population. Hangeul, Korea's official alphabet, was first invented by King Sejong during the Joseon Dynasty. People said that it is easy to remember the characters and get read Hangeul but their grammar is totally different from English or Chinese.