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If you are a Beginner (i.e has no basic of the language), you may join any intakes for Level 1 that we have. Our schedule is monthly basis, and we have different intake every month.

If you are not a Beginner student (i.e has basic of the language), you will be required to take ICLS Placement Test at any of our centers. The Placement Test lets us know your language proficiency level, so that you are put in the right class with peers of the same level. This would allow you to learn more effectively.

Except for English Course, you will be required to take English Placement Test, no matter which level are you now. This is important to us to know, so that you will be putting in the right level, before joining the intake.

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Depending on the courses, most of our new intakes may only commence with minimum of 6 registered students.

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